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Beating the Black Friday sales: Some quick tips

Black Friday moneysaving tips and saving cash when shopping
By Ben Lobel on Nov 18th, 2016   @freelotteriesuk

Black Friday seems to be a fixture in the UK now, with the excited high street rabble matching the intensity of the US in recent years. Some people prefer to stay away from the crowds, but for those who want to pick up a bargain, these are some tips to remember.

Fashion and electronics offer the best deals

It’s easier for retailers to mark down fashion products as they are expensive to begin with! With electronics sales you can look for TVs, headphone and so on. Beware though - electronics deals are often for older stock, so you might not be able to get the latest technology.

Games consoles: Word on the street is there could be some good deals on PS4 and Xbox One this year, so look out for those. 

Smartphones: Keep an eye out for iPhone 6 and 7 handsets.

Electricals: If you're a whizz in the kitchen, you might like to look for coffee machines and Nutribullets which were popular last year.

BoozeMorrisons is offering some decent booze discounts already. Wine, prosecco and beer offers have already launched, with the supermarket chain offering magnums of wine for half price.

TVsCurrys is king for Black Friday TV discounts, with a range of TVs likely to be marked down on the day. 

Gadgets and toys: Keep your eyes peeled for GoPro, Fitbit or Kindle offers.

A good tip is to look for leftover summer stock like outdoor furniture and trampolines. Store it away until June and you'll be glad of the savings when the sun finally comes out! (Wishful thinking). 

Use PayPal

PayPal just set up your account and add your payment details, and then when you come to buy on a site that accepts PayPal it’s just a case of logging in with your email and password and paying. Simple, and no cards needed.

You can expect to save 20-30 per cent on average

Retailers are expecting to capture customers with big deals and you can find 70 per cent off if you know what to look for, but 20-30 per cent is the benchmark. 

Do your research upfront

Get a few ideas of the products you want to buy, bookmark them all, and then on the day, although you’re going to have to queue, you can be straight on the product page and you won’t have to hunt around for it.

Get on social media

Make sure you follow your favourite discount brands on social! Brands will be ready to publicise their best deals. Sign up for newsletters and get word of all the best offers.

Beware of shipping costs for international purchases

Best to stick to UK sites as you don’t want to be paying expensive shipping costs and tax!

Watch out for scams

Your bank or retailer is never going to email you and ask for your card details, so make sure you are wary of any phishing attempts. At the end of the day, PayPal is best to use for your Black Friday shopping, as it is with Freelotteries.co.uk. :)