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Financial Haikus to help you save money

By Ben Lobel on Mar 17th, 2016   @freelotteriesuk

Money worries can cause panic, so why not calm yourself with these helpful money-saving haikus? Haikus are an ancient form of Japanese poetry, comprised of three lines of prose divided into five syllables, followed by seven, then five. Why not reflect on your own financial issues and calm yourself to a Zen-like state by composing your own haikus?

Loose change

“Small piles of pennies

Grow into spendable sums

With time and restraint.”

After a night out, a friend of mine used to take the small change that remained and put it in a jar. Often it was only two or three pounds, but over time the small change would add up and he found himself with enough money for another night out. Of course you could put the money you save to better use, but it’s still a money-saving tip that requires very little effort.

Travel costs

“A lone man pays more

Than one who has company

Car-pooling saves cash.”

If you know somebody who lives near you and works in the same area as you, it would save you both money to share a lift to and from work. You can effectively cut your fuel in half by splitting the cost with another person, but why stop there? If there are three of you, organize a driving rota and cut your costs by two-thirds, and so on.


“Money is fleeting

So capture some in savings

For a rainy day”

It sounds simple, but if you are working to sort out your finances, your money should also be working for you. Putting your money into a savings account like a Cash ISAwill not only keep some funds in reserve for emergencies, but it can also accumulate interest.


“Be not complacent

For you may be paying more

Than you need to be.”

It’s easy to continue paying your monthly utilities bills without paying much attention. You may be able to save money by switching to a different supplier for your utilities. Use a price comparison website, or find out what sort of deals your friends get from their suppliers.


“Your left-over food

Is a chance to save money

Freeze, thaw and enjoy.”

As the old saying goes “Waste not, want not”. You can cut your grocery bills down by buying and making food that can be kept for another mealtime. Chilli, for example, tends to result in leftovers in my house. If you wait for it to cool completely, you can cover it over and put it in the fridge for the following evening.