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The women are the ones bringing in the money, study shows

By Ben Lobel on Feb 15th, 2016   @myvouchercodes

In 56 per cent of British homes, the female is the breadwinner, according to new research carried out in the UK.

A majority of these respondents reveal that income and finances cause arguments between them and their partners.

The research, carried out by www.VoucherCodesPro.co.uk, polled a total of 2,678 co-habiting couples in the UK in a bid to find out how much a difference in income affected their relationship.

Initially, respondents were asked to reveal who the main breadwinner in their household was. A majority of 56 per cent of respondents revealed that the female is the main breadwinner in their household, with only 44 per cent of respondents stating it was the male.

When then asked to reveal the average salary difference between the female and male in the households where the female is the main breadwinner, research finds that there is an average female earns an average of £3,500 per year more than their male partners.

Next, the same group of respondents were asked to disclose whether or not either the male or female in the household had a degree. Of the women in the household, 67 per cent had a degree, with 33 per cent not having one. In contrast, only 49 per cent of men had a degree, with a majority of 51 per cent not holding a degree.

Finally, respondents who live in households where the woman is the main breadwinner were asked to reveal whether this ever caused any problems. Some 58 per cent of respondents said yes it did, with 42 per cent saying it did not. Of those who said it did cause problems, 44 per cent said the male felt emasculated, with 37 per cent said they regularly argued about it. The remaining 19 per cent admit that the male in the household actively searched for a new job as a result.

Commenting on the results of the study, George Charles of www.VoucherCodesPro.co.uk says, 'There’s always a stigma that the male is the main earner of households, which is of course an extremely traditional and outdated way of thinking. The fact is, though, that times are changing and it is commonplace for women to take over the role of main breadwinner.

'Our results show this and also show the benefit of having a degree. More women in our study had degrees than men, with more women also being the breadwinner. This points towards a trend of employers searching for and rewarding candidates with degrees.'