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Thrifty gardening: Advice to save you money this Spring

In this article, Andy Baxter offers his top tips to save money in the garden.
By Editorial on Mar 7th, 2018   @freelotteriesuk

While this Spring started off with a pretty bizarre snow storm, you may be thinking about how to make the most from your gardening efforts when the weather is nice. Andy Baxter of Internet Gardener is here to offer his top tips to save money in the garden.

Grow garlic

When people think of growing their own herbs and spices, garlic doesn’t often come to mind, over things like cress and basil anyway. Garlic is surprisingly easy to grow, but be sure to not plant it from the supermarket! Shop local. It’s typically cheaper and doesn’t have the pesticides that prevent growth. This means you’ll be getting bigger cloves for less in no time.

Don’t buy mulch

Leaves make perfectly good mulch, so there’s no need to buy expensive bags you may never get through from DIY stores. Pack the leaves down about a foot deep with soil and then plant. Pop them around the soil of your plants too with any old bits of food that will decompose easy. This will then create a compost bed around your plants and it’s free!

Seedling pots

Instead of buying expensive plastic seedling pots, items like old egg containers make great little seedling growers. You can pop all the soil and goodness you want in them and watch them grow. When they’re ready you can plant them elsewhere and get rid of the egg box.

Join the community

Other gardeners are more likely to trade secrets, tips and seeds with you. If you can get some of their prize seeds from the year before simply by joining in with your local gardening community, you’re going to save a lot of money! Just be sure to repay the favour.

Grow organic

Growing organically will not only save you money but save your family health worries too. When you’re growing in your garden, you don’t need the pesticides and harmful chemicals, it’s better for you, everyone who is eating your produce and the local ecosystem.

Homegrown weedkiller

To keep in with your organic vibe, you can’t use weedkiller. But you can use vinegar. Simply spray them with white vinegar repeatedly until they die. To counteract this, a natural nutrient mix of sugar, vinegar and water can keep your plants healthy. All natural, all cheap.

Keep your eyes peeled

This is a tip for the more cheeky money-savers out there, when you’re driving around town, be sure to look out for builders and construction crews. They often get rid of plants so you may be able to nab one before it gets destroyed.

Those are seven of our top hacks but we’d encourage you to follow gardening blogs, get involved with gardening communities and most importantly, give it a go.