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Personal finance blog lowdown: Family Budgeting

Here, we look at how Becky Goddard-Hill's site Family Budgeting aims to promote frugal and smart spending for financially squeezed families.
By Editorial on Feb 27th, 2018   @freelotteriesuk

As interest rates rise and inflation creeps up, the topic of family budgeting is particularly relevant in early 2018. Many families will need to keep a closer eye on their outgoings, but the demands of everyday life mean thinking about your finances in depth can be a challenge.

Former social worker Becky Goddard-Hill has commanded the frugal family conversation by offering a range of money making and money saving ideas for a creative and happy life in her blog Family Budgeting.

An experienced blogger

Becky is no stranger to writing, having followed her 2009 book 'How to afford time off with your baby' with a personal finance blog to promote the work, as part of the publishing deal.

Families will find it helpful to have a resource to hand to help out with keeping your spending down, particularly when faced with the stress of events like Christmas and family holidays, which are covered in such pieces as '5 frugal ways to save money on Christmas' and '15 reasons to go all inclusive with the family'.

When running a tight ship, it's also good to have some pointers on how to feed your family on a budget while keeping it healthy. Becky's article looking at slow cookers offers an insight into how you can invest in a piece of equipment that can produce economical meals.

In her Buyer's Guide 2018, Becky explores the best memory foam mattresses for your home - focusing on an all-too-often overpriced product (the mattress) and how to economise, looking at the new range of materials available and how to make sense of the choice out there.

From thrifty gift ideas through to home makeovers on a budget, Becky's site is well worth checking out for when the finances are a bit tight at the end of the month and you've got a family to take care of.