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Seven household features to save money on

By Rachel Campbell on Dec 4th, 2015   @interiordesign

Many households spend money unnecessarily when furnishing their homes; follow TJ Hughes’ tips for saving money rather than splurging on household features.

When it comes to home improvement, it can be very tempting to go out and spend vast amounts on expensive pieces of designer furniture and accessories, when in reality there is little need. If you are looking to save a few pounds here and there, take a look at seven ways you can save money when buying household furniture without sacrificing style.

 1) Guest room furniture

Unless you open your home up as a B&B, it is likely that your guest room will rarely be in use. It is also worth considering the amount of time guests will spend in their room; if it is relatively little then splashing out on pricey furniture could be wasteful.

You can make a room inviting and comforting by simply adding a bunch of flowers in a low cost vase, or even a few decorative cushions over a bed of fresh linen. Shop around and you can find high quality bedding at a reasonable price as well.

2) Dining room furniture

The dining room is more often than not used for special occasions rather than everyday purposes, and stylish but affordable dining sets are readily available. If you are looking to make a simple dining set look more extravagant, invest in a runner and some tasteful centrepieces. Affordable accessories such as these can make a simple dining room look more inviting, providing a warm, welcoming atmosphere for guests.

3) Seasonal furniture

In the couple of months of the year that we Brits see some summer sun, many of us aim to make the most of this short but sweet season by hosting BBQs and parties in the garden. However, whilst it might seem like a worthy investment at the time, carefully consider how much you can afford to spend on furniture that might only be used for a relatively short period of the year. It is vital in these instances to shop around and ensure that you will be getting great value for your money. 

4) Storage

Storage is vital in a home, from bookcases to wardrobes and even durable boxes to store bits and bobs away in the loft. Storage items are more of a practical household feature rather than decorative and so rather than spending large amounts of money on one piece of storage furniture, invest in a number of different pieces of furniture.

To make these additions to your home decorative and truly personalised add eye catching elements to your feature furniture. For instance, you can instantly spice up your bookcase by backing it with striking wallpaper, or you could simply accessorise cabinets with ornaments and picture frames.

5) Bedroom essentials

Whilst you may need to spend more money on some bedroom necessities, such as the mattress itself, opt for more affordable pillows and bedding. With trends constantly changing, you are likely to be changing bedding often, and pillows need changing regularly, no matter what material they are.

6) Decorative items

A house is not a home without a few accents and accessories here and there to reflect your personality. While decorative features are important to make a home more attractive and inviting, there is little need to spend a large amount of money on them, seeing as their practicalities are minimal and they tend to be looked at more often than used. Add some colour to a room with comfortable cushions and soft throws to add more usability to decorative items.

7) Curtains

Curtains come in all sorts of styles, colours, patterns and materials. Although some designer curtains may seem more tempting because of the sumptuously luxurious materials they are crafted from such as silk and linen, sometimes cheaper is better. More affordable curtains tend to be made using materials such as cotton or polyester which offer more insulation than their high-priced competitors. Choosing to buy cotton or polyester based curtains not only offers style, but a little extra insulation that will be welcome throughout the chilly winter months.

Making sure that you save money on key items throughout your home will make it easier to put money aside for the things that you want to spend money on. Saving a little here and there by purchasing affordable furniture will put your finances in a much stronger position in the long run, without sacrificing the stylish and wholesome appeal of your home. 

Rachel Campbell is a content writer for TJ Hughes, a UK based discount department store offering a variety of affordable household furniture and accessories from dining tables to the finishing touches.