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Four money saving tips for updating your garden

Here, we give some money saving advice on getting the best from your garden.
By Editorial on Apr 9th, 2017   @freelotteriesuk

Updating your garden in time for the summer season can leave a big footprint in your finances. We’ve put together four top tips to help you keep cost down to a minimum, whilst still ensuring your garden is atmospheric and vibrant for those warm summer evenings.


Scattering vibrant cushions and blankets on your outdoor furniture is a simple, yet effective way to transform your dull backyard into a cosy and inviting sanctuary to welcome your family and friends. Recycle your old cushions by re-covering them with a contemporary and colourful fabric to give your garden furniture a new lease of life. 

If you’re in the market for a stylish new garden table and chairs, White Stores has a fantastic selection of Rattan furniture. Rattan is a stylish and affordable alternative to wood as, unlike wood, it won’t require any treatment to maintain its condition. Rattan is extremely durable and can be left outside throughout all seasons. The variety of different designs available, means that you can select a style that will suit your garden, whether it be traditional or contemporary. 

If you’re really counting the pennies and you have some DIY skills, then making your own furniture from wooden pallets is a cost-effective way to renew your garden. Wooden pallets can be used to make an array of different pieces of furniture including; chairs, tables, picnic benches and hammocks. The imperfections in homemade furniture will create a quirky aesthetic. You can complete the look with some bright, patterned cushions for a truly unique finish.

Recycling old materials 

Feeling crafty? Try attracting wildlife by making bird feeders from old cans, or mason jars that you might have lying around the house. Enticing birds with a DIY feeder can help your gardens atmosphere to thrive with the peaceful chirps of nature on your doorstep. 

Make use of old bric-a-brac like wellington boots or bicycles by transforming them into kitsch planters for a family centred, playful dwelling. By upcycling old or unused items, you will save on the cost of purchasing new garden accessories and, as a bonus, crafting your own garden features will be rewarding and fun – especially if you can rope in the kids to help you out.


Colour is the key to converting a tired environment into a place of fun and vitality. Bright colours will create a lively space for children to play, whilst a simple, natural colour scheme will create a tranquil environment where you can relax and embrace the beauty of the outdoors. 

Try painting standard terracotta pots or paving stones with geometric, neon shapes for a cheap and effective way of adding a pop of colour to your bleak garden. Bold and pastel tones are most popular for creating a refreshed look fit for the summer season, as these will complement the colours from the flourishing plants and surroundings. Whereas adding a lick of monochromatic paint to old furniture or accessories will open- up the garden to create a light and airy space with a contemporary appearance. 

Outdoor lights

Outdoor lights shouldn’t be reserved for Christmas time, as they are a simple and affordable way of adding ambience to your garden. There's truly nothing more magical than relaxing on a warm summers evening, surrounded by twinkling fairy lights. They are super simple to install, as they can operate via solar power or through a plug socket in the house. Try weaving them through shrubbery for a delicate glow, or attaching them to the surrounding fence to illuminate the garden. Fairy lights make a great addition for creating a cosy finish, or for adding a touch of luxe to your garden party.

Use these tips to add some ‘je ne sais quoi’ to your garden, without breaking the bank, but don’t forget the basics! A little maintenance goes a long way, ensure your flowerbeds are weeded, your paths are tidied and your grass is trimmed for a presentable garden. When it comes to gardening, time can be more valuable than money!