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Five winning ways to save on the RRP of your next purchase

Money saving advice for consumers for saving cash when shopping.
By Editorial on Mar 27th, 2017   @freelotteriesuk

A little extra cash always comes in handy, but did you know that there’s a handful of super smart ways you could save money each and every time you buy something? Thanks to the internet, there are many more ways to save the pennies than ever before, so here’s a few of our favourite tips and tricks!

Coupon software

Coupons are great, but there are never enough of the right ones. Perhaps the newspaper will have an offer that catches your eye every now and then, but most of the time coupons seem disposable because they offer meagre discount on undesirable goods. This is where coupon software and websites come into play. Websites like Wowcher allow you to search and browse for discounts that you actually want, where software such as Coupons at Checkout automatically applies discounts to online purchases.

Cancel subscriptions

Feel like you’re no longer getting your money’s worth out of a streaming subscription or other service? If you’re second guessing your subscription, you can get a discounted rate from going to cancel your contract. Once you press the ‘cancel’ button, many subscription services will beg you to stay, and promise to make changes. It will likely offer you a discounted rate for a period while you consider whether or not you’ll stick around long term.

Get a fairer view of what’s on offer

At a first glance, price comparison sites may seem to be helping you to find the best deals on your chosen items but that’s not strictly true. These sites typically make money from retailers by charging them commission and referral fees. This means that only a small proportion of their full range will appear, and it is more likely to be the higher value items. By avoiding price comparison sites and using free price search engines like Pricesearcher instead, you can get an unbiased view of what products are on offer, from a wider selection of retailers, marketplaces and price comparison sites. Because Pricesearcher is completely free for retailers, they aren’t having to limit the products they list, meaning you’ll get a much wider choice of products to choose from and the best price.

Unwanted gift cards

Gift cards are often met with mixed reviews when given as presents primarily because they restrict buyers’ choice to whatever is available from that chosen retailer at that moment in time. To counter this common issue, specialist sites sell on unwanted gift cards, such as Zeek and Cardyard, at discount rates. By buying a gift card from a retailer whose wares you use a lot, you can make useful savings.

Newsletters and mailing lists

There are a lot of retailers that make introductory offers to entice new customers. From gyms offering the first session free, to 20 per cent off your first order from a clothing store, introductory offers are everywhere, and often require little to no obligation on the customer’s part. It may involve signing up to a newsletter or mailing list, or entering some sort of prize draw, and regular promotional emails dropping straight into your Junk box as a result, but it’s a very small price to pay for the discount you receive in return.