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How to keep your baby safe without breaking the bank

Money saving advice for baby proofing your house and saving cash.
By Editorial on Feb 21st, 2017   @freelotteriesuk

Babyproofing can be an expensive business, so in this piece, Flubit.com's  money saving expert Tia Saunders gives her top tips on how to keep your little one safe for less.

As a parent, there will never be a day when you don’t worry about the safety of your child. From tot to teenager, it’s ingrained in your DNA to always be one step ahead of your little trouble maker. Whilst this instinct is a vital part in keeping your child safe, when baby proofing your home it can be your wallets worst nightmare.

With so many products highlighting the variety of hazards lurking in your home, it can be easy to give into the fear and buy your way out of every single problem. But unless you have a bottomless budget, you need to know when to splash the cash and pinch the pennies.

Major items like furniture anchors and baby gates just aren’t worth scrimping on – but there are plenty of other areas where thinking outside the box, will save you money. Here are my top six of DIY solutions, that will keep your baby safe and wallet happy…

Slamming doors

Unsuspecting fingers have a habit of finding their way into hinges, which almost always ends up in tears. Whilst there are a great range of door clips out there that won’t break the bank, these little pieces of foam tend to fall off and lose their shape. Instead, try making door guards for the whole house from a single pool noodle. Just cut along one side of the noodle, then divide it into sections to fit your doors. Simple!

Cot climbers

Got a Houdini tot, that won’t stay in their cot? Then you’ve probably already researched a ton of products to keep them in their bed, but the secret is to hack their pyjamas! Just sew a 2inch strip of fabric between the legs of their PJ’s – it won’t restrict them enough to stop them walking, but should keep them from swinging a leg up and outside the cot.

Bath time bumps

Your hard metal bath tap is likely to cause occasional bumps and bruises at bath time. Whilst you could invest in a spout cover to protect their noggin, spend the money on a bath seat instead. These waterproof chairs suction to the bath, keeping little one away from the tap and giving you two hands to use in the tub - making bath time easier and safer for you both. To save more money try creating an offer on Flubit.com for a Baby Security bath seat, the average user saves 10 per cent.

Bannister airstrikes

Avoid Barbie being launched at your head, by covering the gaps in your bannisters. Rather than forking out for a bannister shield (which can cost you around £100!) a sheet or roll of clear plastic can line the landing too. Although it’s not marketed for babies, it will do the same job for much less.

Tumbling books

Toddlers seem to be drawn to order, making a beautifully-lined bookshelf a very tempting target. To prevent your child from pulling all the books on top of themselves, hold them in place with a bicycle inner tube. Although this tip works perfectly to keep your book in place, it’s important to remember to fasten your furniture to the wall too (either with bolts and brackets, or furniture anchors).

Extension cables

Don’t want your little one playing with your extension leads? Then a Tupperware box is your thrifty solution. Pick a box with a lid and cut a hole in the side, place the plug section inside and duct tape the lip closed. Just like that your cables are safely out of baby’s reach and look much more pleasing on the eye too.