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Four reasons to book your holiday at the last minute

Money saving advice on the benefits of taking a more relaxed approach to your holiday planning in the UK.
By Editorial on Jan 31st, 2017   @freelotteriesuk

The feeling of booking, planning and then finally taking your long-awaited holiday is pretty hard to beat. But there’s a lot to be said for spontaneous trips, too, booked just a couple of weeks in advance and with little or no plans for when you arrive. Matt Fox, co-founder of last-minute cottage holiday hub, Snaptrip, explains the benefits of taking a more relaxed approach to your holiday planning in the UK.

You’ll try new things

Searching for your flights or even your destination based on last-minute availability, rather than price or preference, will throw up some options you might never have considered. If you usually opt for city breaks, or like to hide away in the hills for a few days, it’s a great way of breaking the cycle. You might find that you love exploring quaint old towns, or blowing away the cobwebs among seaside shops and fresh air on the coast.

It can make you happier

There are certain things in life, like bills and dinner party recipes, that always work better with plenty of planning. But taking a more spontaneous approach to other things can make us much happier. A survey by Snaptrip found that 64% of people who describe themselves as impulsive are “happy” or “very happy”, compared to just 52% of those who say they are not impulsive. So once you have your essentials booked, kick back, relax and turn the stress dial down. Pack when you’re ready to pack, pick the outfits you want to wear and take each day as it comes.

You can choose the weather

If you’re not fussed about your destination, or what kind of place you’d like to stay, you can plan your trip around the weather. We’re not exactly gifted when it comes to scorching weather here in the UK, so wait for the upcoming heat wave to hit the headlines, then get booking.

It can save you money

Hotels, holiday cottages and flights can all become bargains if you book them at the last minute. With the help of sites like lastminute.com, you can make significant savings if you hold your nerve. As the price drops, choose whether you’d like to pay the same for a better room or holiday, or go for a cheaper deal and spend the money you had put aside on an extra experience or souvenir.

It’s exciting

Too much planning and preparation can sometimes take the shine off new experiences. Imagine stumbling across Stonehenge, or Arthur’s Seat, without having seen photos of it or read reviews online. Just the right level of uncertainty, without oodles of research beforehand, can make a situation more exciting, so listen out for recommendations when you arrive and follow your nose to see what you can find.

You can banish boring weekends

The later you book your break, the bigger the saving, so a last-minute holiday is the perfect remedy if you can spot a boring weekend on the horizon. If your plans fall through at short notice, or you need to get out of the house after a series of quiet weekends, get booking. Even if you spend your weekend away snuggled up in front of a log fire, a change of scenery can work wonders after a long, frosty January.

Are you the last-minute holiday type? Find out by taking the spontaneity quiz at Snaptrip.com.