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The clothing you need to sell right now before it goes out of fashion

Money saving advice on selling clothes and making cash from second hand clothes.
By Editorial on Jan 30th, 2017   @freelotteriesuk

Fancy making a penny or two this January? CollectPlus have identified the top items of clothing to sell right now, that will give you the highest return.

Using over ten years’ worth of Google trends data, they have analysed seasonal peaks and troughs in search queries to identify both the top items which recur every January, as well as newer trends which are reaching peak popularity right now.

Selling on online marketplaces is a good way of ticking off multiple New Year’s resolutions; saving money and decluttering, to name just two.

The top ten items to sell right now are:

- Embroidered denim

- Burgundy tops and dresses

- Mustard knits

- Leopard print accessories

- Cross front tops

- Lace up fronted tops

- Pinafore dresses

- Sequin dresses

- Rose gold accessories

- Sports luxe

A survey by CollectPlus also revealed the average prices you can expect to get when selling clothing in a near new condition online:

- Jeans: £12.92

- T-shirt: £7.85

- Dress: £15.35

- Handbag: £16.24

- Shirt: £10.42

- Summer Jacket: £14.84

- Winter Coat: £24.17

- Skirt: £10.87

- Playsuit: £7.65

- Dungarees: £8.45

- Jumper: £10.16

- Sweatshirt: £9.20

- Sportswear: £16.57

Selling five of the top trends this January could see you bring in over £60. Those looking to sell should make sure their listings use high quality photos, a detailed description and a low starting price in order to attract bidders.

Catherine Woolfe, marketing director at CollectPlus says, 'January is the perfect time to declutter your wardrobe; our research shows that the number of people searching for specific items varies drastically depending on time of the year.

'Taking advantage of seasonal trends means you can drive more people to your listing, which in turn is likely to increase the final amount offered. In this case, it is definitely better to take a tactical approach to selling your wardrobe.'

To learn more on how search trends can impact your online listings, check out the full guide on the CollectPlus site here