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Five fantastic festive stocking fillers for £10 or under

Here we look at money saving advice for Christmas gifts for under £10.
By Ben Lobel on Dec 14th, 2016   @freelotteriesuk

With Christmas fast approaching, it’s the time of year that everyone is scrambling to finish up their shopping so they can relax before the big day. You might have most of your big presents sorted out, but it’s often the smaller gifts that pose the problem at this late stage. After all, you don’t want to spend money on a present that is not useful and just taking up stocking space, no matter how small the price tag. 

To help you out, we’ve put together our pick of five stocking fillers that can be picked up for under £10.


For the practical joker

Chocolate Sprouts, I Want One of Those, £9.99


Sprouts are easily the most divisive Christmas food, and most people either love or hate them. However, with these very realistic looking Chocolate Sprouts from I Want One of Those, you can finally have some festive fun at their expense.
Unlike their cousins from Brussels, these sprouts are handmade with chocolate, which improves the taste tenfold. Even though they are a lot more scrumptious, you can still enjoy the look on someone’s face when they think that you’ve gifted them a box of vegetables for Christmas — they will end up thanking you later though.

For the classy character

Canti prosecco and panettone gift set, Gifts International, £10.00


Even though a stocking limits the size of the gift you can give to someone, there’s no reason that you can’t share a small piece of absolute luxury with them. This mini bottle gift set containing some delicious prosecco from Gifts International allows you to do just that for under £10.
The set contains a bottle from Canti, the famed Milanese winemaker, and is paired with some traditional panettone that has been selected to precisely compliment the prosecco’s taste. It’s ideal for the wine lover in your life or just someone that you know will appreciate a very high-class gift.


For the unfestive Scrooge

Mr Grumpy mug and socks set, Boots, £10


It’s an unfortunate fact, but some people just don’t appreciate the festive season and all it brings. Instead, why not celebrate the season with the scrooge in your life with a gift that suits them perfectly — a Mr Grumpy mug and sock gift set.
With this two-set, they will be able to grinch their way through Christmas day with a soothing, warm cup of tea and some stylish socks to keep their feet warm. You might even get a rare smile from them when they open their present.


For the artful soul

Enchanted Forest colouring book, Amazon, £7.95


Believe it or not, the practice of colouring in is thought to be a great stress-reliever and one of the best chill out activities you can do. If you know someone who is a bit arty and also likes to relax, then this inspiring Enchanted Forest colouring book by Johanna Basford will provide hours of quality shading time for them over the Christmas break.
The book is suitable for both adults and children, and also contains a series of hidden objects and clues to find within the illustrations, as well as some enigmatic symbols for the explorer to unravel. A colouring adventure for everyone and anyone.

For the bath lover

Gin and Tonic Handbag Treat by Bath House, Not on the High Street, £10


This delightfully packaged Gin and Tonic gift set contains treasures that any lover of baths will truly appreciate, including 100g of luxury bath salts and a nourishing lip balm. Not only is this a quality gift, but you won’t find it in any regular shops either — Not on the High Street specialises in exclusive handmade items that are only available through their site.

The 97 per cent natural ingredients in these products are bursting with refreshing vitality, which will leave skin feeling soothed and beautiful. The green and gold handbag-style packaging itself is something to admire, and will leave your loved one smiling from ear-to-ear as they unwrap it.
There you have it, five perfect gifts that are ideal for almost anyone’s stocking. Just remember to order soon so that they arrive in time for Christmas morning.

This piece was supplied by H&T