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How flat sharing can save you more than just rent

Here, we look at money saving tips for flat shares and food, utilities and social
By Ben Lobel on Dec 5th, 2016   @freelotteriesuk

Flatsharing is often considered one of the most affordable types of accommodation and can save people significant amounts of money each month. However, flatsharing can also involve saving money on other monthly outlays as well as social events and activities. Here are some tips from online flatsharing marketplace WeRoom.com on how having flatmates can save you more money than you might think.


Shopping for one can sometimes cost more per person than shopping for four, as food can often go to waste. Regular communal meals are a great way to share the cost of food as well as products and will provide you with the opportunity to bond and spend time with your fellow flatmates.

Not one for socialising with those you live with? Try sitting down with your flatmates to work out what staple food items you all regularly require and create a ‘staple food’ list. You can then take it in turns to purchase these items on a regular basis to save some cash and waste less food. You could also try doing your weekly shop together to take advantage of offers such as ‘3 for 2’ or ‘buy one get one half price’ on any items you and your flatmates want that week.


Splitting the cost of council tax and utility bills is another financial benefit of flatsharing as it allows you to make significant savings on your monthly outgoings. By saving money on the essentials, your household could afford to spend more on higher quality services. Your flatshare could put the money towards high speed internet or a TV entertainment package for you to use and enjoy together.

As a flatsharer you may also find that you have inherited the energy and broadband providers of the people that previously lived in the property. It is worth getting together to discuss your individual usages and to find out how much combined electricity, central heating and broadband you might use on a monthly basis. You can then use your estimations to go online and find the best deal for your flatshare.

Social activities and leisure

It can be nice to get out of the house and socialise with those you live with but this can come at a cost. As a household, sit down together and look at local events and activities that offer a discount on group bookings. This will give you an opportunity to hang out with your flatmates but also do something you enjoy for a more affordable price.

Another benefit to having flatmates is the opportunity to use the same discount codes multiple times, whether it be for a social activity, a taxi ride or a takeaway. Discount codes may often only apply to new users, but if you all take it in turns to sign up you can do the things you enjoy and eat the things you love together, more often!