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Money saving travel advice: How to see the world on a budget

Money saving advice on travel and seeing the world, while not spending too much cash
By Ben Lobel on Nov 29th, 2016   @freelotteriesuk

While budgeting and saving is essential for your financial security, it’s also important to set aside some money each year in order to enjoy the finer things in life. One thing most people don’t want to go without is an annual holiday, and in this article, we’ll show you how you can enjoy a guilt-free getaway well within budget.

Choose your destinations wisely

If you’re holidaying on a budget, you should make sure to choose your destination wisely. While you may have your heart set on a visit to London, New York, or Oslo, these all appear on World Atlas’s list of the most expensive cities in the world to visit. If you only have limited funds to work with, your money will go a lot further in one of the world’s most cost-effective destinations, where you can often experience five-star luxury at incredibly low prices. Take a look at Skyscanner’s pick of the world’s 12 cheapest holiday destinations for inspiration.

Choose your food and drink carefully

If you want to see the world without blowing the bank, you should choose your food and drink very carefully. For example, if you opt for local street whenever possible, you’ll get a more authentic taste of the local cuisine for a fraction of the price of a full restaurant meal. However, low prices don’t mean low quality when it comes to street food, as you’ll often get a gourmet meal for fast food prices. To help you pick the perfect street food along your travels, be sure to check out Rough Guides’ pick of the best street food around the world.

If your aim is to make your money go as far as possible, you should also drop those pricey morning coffees. While only a few pounds each, this expense quickly adds up, and if you dropped your daily Starbucks on holiday and then take it into your everyday life, you could save several hundred pounds each year to put towards your travel fund.

Consider alternative means of travel

The two biggest expenses for the average holidaymaker are travel and accommodation, and cutting costs in either of these areas will lead to substantial savings. However, discount travel and accommodation doesn’t have to mean budget buses and hostels. For example, companies such as The River Cruise Line offer river cruises along some of Europe’s most famous waterways, taking you straight to the heart of some of the continent’s best destinations without you having to shell out for accommodation as well. Bundling your travel and accommodation together with one of these cruises is a great to travel on a budget.

Take advantage of city cards

If you’re travelling to a major city, you should be sure to check out whether or not they have a city card — sometimes called a museum card — you can take advantage of. Paris, Rome, Amsterdam, and many more of the world’s culture capitals have these cards available, which give you unlimited access to the city’s museums, galleries, and often public transport over a set period of time for an upfront fee. This often makes for a cost-effective way of soaking up the very best the city has to offer, so be sure to do your research and pick one of these cards up if your destination has one.

Keep these tips in mind and you’ll still be able to jet off on holiday each year without breaking the bank.