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How to save money this Christmas without losing the festive spirit

How are some money saving tips to save cash and save money this Christmas without losing the festive spirit
By Ben Lobel on Nov 16th, 2016   @freelotteriesuk

While Christmas is undoubtedly the most wonderful time of the year, for most of us it’s also the most expensive. No one wants to skimp on presents, decorations, or food and drink over Christmas, but there’s still plenty ways you can save money without losing your festive spirit. So, read on to find out our top tips for saving money over the festive period.

Make a budget — and stick to it!

Christmas is just one day — don’t put yourself in financial trouble to celebrate it. Look at how much money you can afford to spend on Christmas, calculate a budget, and then work backwards from that.

Unfortunately, the aisles of most shops are crammed with tempting festive treats, and even a trip to the supermarket can pose a serious test of your willpower. It’s therefore important to keep your budget in mind throughout December, making sure you stick to it strictly so you still have plenty to spend on treating your nearest and dearest to the perfect presents.
Speaking of supermarkets, one sure-fire way to cut down your expenses over the festive period is to switch to a discount supermarket. Simply changing where you stock up for Christmas dinner can lead to substantial savings, and with Aldi coming away with the gong for Grocer of the Year at the 2016 Grocer Gold Awards, you’re guests are unlikely to know the difference when you serve up.

Don’t waste all those leftovers

Part of what makes Christmas Christmas is the overeating, and you’re sure to find yourself with plenty of leftovers over the festive period. Throwing this food away is terrible waste of not only money, but also the care and attention that went into preparing it. Pick up some sealable plastic food boxes to store any leftovers in, and take a look at The Plastic Box Shop’s food storage tips to ensure those Christmas goodies stay at their best for as long as possible. 

Don’t buy unnecessary presents

The ever-extending circle of friends, extended family, and colleagues you may feel obligated to buy Christmas gifts for can not only take a real toll on your bank account, but also wear down your festive spirit. 

This year, why not restrict gift giving to immediate family? Instead of buying something for each of your friends that you doubt they’ll ever use, why not arrange a secret Santa — where you all put your names into a hat and then randomly pick a name out who you buy for anonymously — within your group? This will not only save you all money, but also allow you to spend more care and attention on picking out a gift no person will really love.

Buy your presents at the lowest prices

One of the best ways to save money over Christmas is to come up with ideas for presents well in advance and then buy them when they’re at their cheapest.

Retailers take advantage of the laws of supply and demand over Christmas and hike up their prices on items that are commonly given as gifts. You can make big savings by downloading the camelcamelcamel extension for your web browser. This completely free tool allows you to track the price of products on Amazon and set up an email alert to notify you when it falls below a certain price. If you decide on your Christmas presents early, you can buy them at the lowest possible price throughout the year, potentially saving yourself hundreds of pounds.

Keep these tips in mind this year and you and your family is sure to have a Christmas to remember without breaking the bank.