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The app that saves you bags of money on takeaways

Too Good to Go is a new app that lets people save money on food and takeaways
By Ben Lobel on Nov 6th, 2016   @freelotteriesuk

A new money saving app will allow hungry city dwellers to collect leftover restaurant food for knockdown prices. 

The service, Too Good to Go, lets people order bargain food from designated restaurants as long as they collect it from the outlet within an allotted time period, usually just before closing. 

But don't worry, you're not picking up the grotty remains off someone's plate; what's on offer is the fresh food that restaurants would otherwise have failed to sell, available at about half the usual price.

The app was founded in Denmark at the end of 2015 by a group of friends, and it was soon able to grow internationally. Those who had started the concept up in Scandinavia were quickly ready to take it home and in January 2016 work began on Too Good To Go UK. The team launched the app in Brighton and Leeds in June 2016 and the team say work is well under way to roll out in London and the rest of the country.

Good for the consumer, good for the environment

It seems like a great concept both for the consumer and for the planet. Hungry, price and quality conscious people are quids in, waste is reduced and everyone wins. 

Millions of tonnes of food are thrown away in the UK every year, with Britain wasting more than any other European country. It feels like this app does its bit to address that.

Scrolling through what's available on the app at 7:30 on a Sunday evening, there seems to be a decent amount available...in mostly central London. Useful if you happen to be in the area, not so much if you live in East Acton. But then again, beggars can't be choosey!

OK, it may not be available in your area yet, and certain food items don't respond too well to sitting around for a while. But with a growing army of followers (almost 50,000 likes on Facebook so far) keen on grabbing a bargain, it is sure to expand its empire soon, spreading the delights of leftovers far and wide.