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Where to go to save money on grocery essentials

Tesco is the cheapest place to stock up on university kitchen cupboard essentials and save money on groceries.
By Ben Lobel on Oct 1st, 2016   @freelotteriesuk

Price analysis conducted by mobile crowdsourcing company BeMyEye among 285 of the big four supermarkets, Asda, Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Morrison’s, reveals Tesco as the cheapest place to stock up on university kitchen cupboard essentials and save money on groceries.

BeMyEye’s crowd of over more than 350,000 ‘Eyes’ were tasked with collecting unique data on the price of a university basket of goods from different outlets across the UK.

BeMyEye’s real world data gatherers are shown challenges on a map view through the BeMyEye smartphone app and are paid to collect insights from stores and retailers, including pictures of the products and price checks. BeMyEye analysed the prices of Baked Beans, Pot Noodles and a four pack of Lager, highlighting Sainsbury’s as the most expensive and putting Morrisons’ in second place.

Save money by shopping wisely

The analysis sourced costs from supermarkets, off licences, convenience stores and independent supermarkets, and found that the cheapest University basket including these items could be sourced for as little as £2.02, while the average comes in at £4.08. A four pack of lager – arguably the most important item for an excitable fresher - is cheapest at Morrison’s, coming in at 88p. The most expensive was found at a Londis on the Kings Road in London, coming in at a shocking £7.50!

For health conscious students, they can grab the cheapest avocado at a convenience store rather than a supermarket. Whilst the average price in the UK for an avocado is 62p, you can source the item for as little as 50p at these stores. Paired with this, the average price for a Pot Noodle is £1.02, whilst a pot of hummus is £1.01 and an avocado is just 62p, proving that it might be cheaper to be healthier!

In addition, students who are hoping that a can of Coca Cola will cure their fresher’s week hangover before early morning lectures, may be disappointed. The analysis found that the only supermarkets that regularly stock cans of the drink are Tesco and Sainsbury’s. The Eyes only found cans in four of the 167 Morrison’s and Asda stores they visited. In fact, you are more likely to find an avocado in UK stores than a 330ml can of Coca Cola.

Price wars and convenience shopping

Luca Pagano, CEO of BeMyEye says, 'In recent years, we’ve seen price wars between supermarkets intensify, and due to the rise of convenience stores, consumers have less brand loyalty. In general, we are also seeing a shift towards convenience shopping – people are living in smaller households and lead busier lives, so naturally, they are becoming ‘little and often shoppers’.

'Students are no different – often with limited budgets, they will find themselves having to tighten the purse strings and hunt for the cheapest essentials.'