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How mobile wallets can save you money

Mobile wallets can help you pay bills and manage your money, but also can help you save money. Here's how.
By Ben Lobel on Aug 23rd, 2016   @freelotteriesuk

Mobile is fast-becoming the dominant marketing channel for companies across the vast majority of industries. This is largely because mobile adoption can offer businesses, and particularly marketers, who are keen to reach out to potential new customers, with simplicity, speed, and scale. However, these companies should consider the fact that while nearly everyone has a mobile phone these days, this doesn’t mean that everyone uses their mobiles in the same way.

One mobile feature that is becoming an increasingly hot topic is the mobile wallet. More and more consumers are embracing mobile wallets, and why not? Convenience and personalisation are at the core of everything nowadays, especially where technology is concerned, so who wouldn’t want to ditch the traditional wallets that have for so long been crammed into our back pockets or handbags and instead just reach for our mobile phones?

Mobile wallets allow us to consolidate the things that we all use on a daily basis - our cash, cards, receipts and vouchers - into the one device that most of us already wouldn’t dream of leaving the house without. Perhaps mobile wallets are therefore a mobile solution that can benefit everyone?

Saving money with mobile wallets 

There have been various recent studies into mobile users’ attitudes, expectations and adoption of mobile wallets, many of which have found that, regardless of age, gender, and location, consumers want to use mobile wallets to communicate with brands about sales, offers, coupons, loyalty programmes and more. 

But you can also avoid ATM charges by using mobile wallets to make payments, pay bills on time and avoid late payment charges, gain referral and loyalty benefits, and transfer funds at no charge. 

There are a lot of companies in the market offering mobile wallets and each wallet comes with incentives. In many cases mobile wallets allow cash backs, discounts on certain transactions, offers and free gifts. 

Which means a mobile wallet is not just good for organising money, but saving it.