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Easy tips to save you money on energy

Here, we look at how to cut down on those energy bills by observing a few simple household rules.
By Ben Lobel on Jul 21st, 2016   @freelotteriesuk

Reducing energy consumption is one of the best ways to save money, and also helps reduce your carbon footprint. Just getting into the right habits on some of the small things you do around the house can add up to quite a big improvement in energy efficiency, even without investing in things like smart energy monitors. Payments platform, BillHub, take a look at the feasible ways you can save energy around the home.

1) Reduce active living space

Shut off rooms that aren’t in use and don’t use the heating in them. And those boxes of random things that live in your spare room don’t need to be kept in central heated luxury.

2) Clothes washing

Keep temperature settings as low as you can on washing cycles – and don’t run a cycle till you can do a full load.

3) Tumble drier

Keep the tumble drier for when you need things dry fast – as a routine, air dry your clothing. When you do use the tumble drier, remove lint first to make it more efficient. And less gross.

4.) Unplug appliances

Even when they are switched off, some appliances still drain a small amount of electricity. Unplug things after use to save.

5.) Insulate 

Keeping curtains or blinds closed adds extra insulation, and will help keep your home warm. This means you won’t need as much heat (but try choosing sheer curtains, or you’ll just end up using the lights more!)

6.) Don’t let heat escape

When you have the heat on in a room, keep the doors and windows shut to stop heat escaping. This applies to air conditioning in summer too, if you have it.

7.) Draught excluder

Use a draught excluder under doors – you can make one yourself using an old pair of jeans, or look out for other thrifty draught excluder craft projects.

8.) Toilet flushing

Fill and empty plastic drinks bottle with stones and pop it in the water tank of your loo. It will stop the tank filling as much and save you water on every flush – great if you don’t have a dual flush toilet.

9.) Shower over bath

Take less baths and more showers – on average, a shower uses a quarter of the water and energy of a soak in the tub.

10.) Cooking

Cook with a lid on any pans – by keeping heat in you reduce cooking time for things like boiling pasta, and rice, and save on electricity or gas.

11.) Freezer packing

Use all of the space in your freezer and pack things tightly. If you only have a few things in there, most of the cost of running it is just wasted on cooling empty space.

12.) Microwave has its advantages

Use your microwave rather than the oven to reheat things – it uses far less power (and saves time, too).

13.) Dishwasher

If you use a dishwasher, stop it after the wash cycle and open the doors – allowing the things inside to air dry in this way reduces costs without increasing effort!

14.) Preparation

Unless the packaging specifically says to cook from frozen, thaw out your frozen foods to give you a shorter cooking time and save gas or electricity. Leave them in the fridge while you are out for the day, or thaw quickly using your microwave to save as much as 15 minutes of oven time.

15.) Be patient

Don’t open the door of your oven until cooking time is over – this lets out heat and forces the oven to use more power to get back to your chosen cooking temperature.

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