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Ways to save money on broadband

By Ben Lobel on Mar 17th, 2016   @freelotteriesuk

There are plenty of options to anyone who fancies getting themselves connected to mobile broadband, and oodles of gadgets that make the process simpler too. Best of all, thanks to increased competition and a pile of different deals always on offer, it is becoming increasingly cheap to enjoy high-speed internet while you’re on the move.

If you’re looking to save money then one of the main things to do before anything else is to go to a comparison website. This allows you to get up-to-the minute information on every kind of broadband deal, as well as mobile options and smartphones.

Getting broadband at home offers plenty of choice with a variety of providers delivering high-speed internet, but use the online tools to find out whether or not the area you live in is well served by the deals that you like the look of. You can use a postcode checker tool to see if the services are available in your neighbourhood and also a line speed checker to see if the broadband will be of a decent rate when you do connect.

Going mobile

Signing up for mobile broadband is becoming an increasingly popular option for people on the move who wish to stay connected while they’re away. There are pros and cons for mobile broadband, as coverage is not always universal across the UK, which is why the postcode checker tool comes in handy again, and it can also be susceptible to fluctuations in speed and reliability. However, there are always plenty of mobile broadband deals doing the rounds, and a little bit of time spent on a comparison site like Broadband Genie will allow you to weight up the options, and all without spending any money. Mobile broadband companies have lots of different incentives to persuade you to sign up with them including free laptop deals and also dongle deals. A dongle is a small plastic USB device that plugs into a laptop or netbook to receive the mobile broadband signal. When you sign up for mobile broadband you may get given one of these, although it largely depends on whether you go for a pay-as-you- go option or a contract deal. PAYG can be good as you only pay for the time you are connected. People who need their mobile broadband connection more frequently might be better off with a contract deal as these generally allow more flexibility, although will need you to sign up for a fixed period. Deals are plentiful witheither option though, and lookout for special offers and also any freebies that might be thrown in with the deal, such as a router, software, extra data allowances or all of the above.

Smartphone options

Another route to take if you fancy having mobile broadband but without the need to lug a laptop around is the smartphone. These gadgets are becoming so powerful that they do much of the stuff that you'd normally need a PC for. However, the downside is that they have smaller screens and keyboards, but they can be perfect for people who need to stay connected while they're on the move. A smartphone can be susceptible to the same coverage issues though, in much the same way as mobile phones can often lose their signal. However, there are also loads of deals for smartphones with some really generous packages doing the rounds. Lookout for data usage terms and conditions with all of these connectivity options, as there are limits on how much you can download and penalties for overstepping the mark. Aside from that though, the world of broadband and mobile internet can actually save you a great deal of money overtime as you'll be able to find lots of money saving deals by being online much more. The speed of service and flexibility of mobile broadband also makes it hard to resist, no matter what device you’re using to receive it.