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Mobile apps and alerts to help you save money

By Ben Lobel on Mar 17th, 2016   @freelotteriesuk

It probably comes as no surprise that mobile computing is outreaching stationary computing in today's age of information and technology. People are using their laptops, tablets and smartphones for more than checking email or sending the occasional text or SMS message! Mobile phone users engage phone apps to check into discount locations and accumulating bonus points, verify menu options and price ranges at restaurants and the best fuel price along a travelled route, to name only a few functions of mobile surfing.

Whether you like Android, iOS or Windows Phone operating systems, here are a few mobile phone apps that just might help you save money when you're out running errands or just planning your trip.


This US and Canada fuel prices app shows you the fuel prices where you are or where you're headed. If you find a cheaper price or a new price at a gas station, enter the information into the app for other users and earn a chance at a free $250 gas card given away each month. If you live in the UK, a comparable equivalent is the app by PetrolPrice, though they may not have those coveted free-fuel cards.


This iOS app helps you track how much you save per item and even if you bought a similar item for less elsewhere. Whilst it may not provide a before-departure price comparison on a mobile phone, it can help you nudge the item in question into your cart or back on the shelf – whichever saves you more money. An Android app that's fairly similar is the Frugal Finders app. The “Frugal” line of apps is rather long, so look specifically for the “Frugal Finders” app for non-hotel or non-airplane prices.


Another iPhone app, ShopSavvy extends its money-saving boundaries to non-grocery prices or pump prices. Encompassing general retail areas, ShopSavvy can be used while still at home or before you head to your next stop in the errands run. eBay: Available for almost every country/region in the world, check the status of your tracked auctions for top bids or event termination to sneak in your last-minute bid directly from your smartphone anywhere you are.


This Amazon-sponsored app scans barcodes and lets you know if you can purchase the item cheaper on the Amazon site where you live. If prices are higher in the store, you'll help bring Amazon prices down, provided they sell that particular item.


Choose your country from the flag display and track your Amazon item's pricing. Enter one item or a list of items and get an alert instantly when there is a price change on your target list. UK residents may be interested in surfing mysupermarket.co.uk for comparison pricing on Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury and Ocado grocery prices. A US-equivalent site might be pricechecker.com, although that might require specific-item input in a mobile browser.