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Four bathroom updates that won't break the bank

In this piece, we look at four simple ideas to revamp your bathroom, on a budget!
By Editorial on Apr 13th, 2018   @freelotteriesuk

Often the hassle and cost of an entire bathroom renovation is entirely unwarranted. Embrace your existing suit and make subtle, low-cost updates that are bound to have a huge impact. We’ve teamed up with experts in all things bathroom, Victorian Plumbing, to bring you four simple ideas to revamp your bathroom, on a budget!

Attention to detail 

When updating your bathroom, altering small accessories can make a massive impact on the overall aesthetic. While light fixtures and taps seem to fly under the radar, these finishing touches can make, or break your bathroom design. Pay attention to the finer details and make the following changes to give the room a fresh, new look: 

  • Replace taps with stylish rose gold or copper alternatives
  • Swap a single pendant light fixture for spotlights
  • Hang a frameless mirror over the sink
  • Add more storage space

These small changes will work to give your bathroom a more up-to-date look. Adding hints of rose gold copper nails off a key trend in interior design, while installing spotlights will make your bathroom appear brighter – which is simply timeless. A large mirror will give the illusion of more space and adding extra storage will reduce countertop clutter, creating a tidier finish.

DIY tiling

If you have a little more budget in the bank and some nifty DIY skills, give your bathroom the makeover it deserves by changing the tiles. Replacing old-fashioned tiles can totally transform your bathroom. Marble effect gloss tiles are an uber-modern and easy to clean option. Pair with grey wood effect floor tiles for a light, airy, Instagram-worthy finish. Just a quick search online for bathroom tile ideas will give you loads of inspiration! There is a massive variety of affordable bathroom tiles online, and you can save some major expense by fitting them yourself. Search online for DIY articles and videos for general ‘how to’ advice – the web is packed with useful tips and tricks!

Go green

If your bathroom doesn’t require a cosmetic overhaul, but you’re looking to save some money on your utility bills, low-flow fixtures might be your best bet. Low-flow showerheads, toilets and faucets are designed to conserve water and are great for the environment. Investing in new fixtures now can save you a small fortune in bills in the long-run, whilst increasing your contribution to green living.

Spring cleaning

Perhaps these updates aren’t in your budget right now, but you’d be amazed at the difference a good shine and polish can make to a bathroom. You can freshen up tiles by cleaning the grout using toothpaste, an old toothbrush and some good, old-fashioned elbow grease. Toothpaste is a natural and costs effective cleaning solution to brighten up grout, due to its whitening properties. You can remove unwanted lime scale that often tarnishes taps using lemon and a plastic bag.

Simply put half a slice of lemon on the affected tap and tie a bag around it to keep it in place and leave it overnight. Wipe clean in the morning and it’ll be sparkling again!