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Six opportunities to make some extra money in your day

Here, we look at six ways you can accumulate some extra dough during the course of a day.
By Editorial on Mar 3rd, 2018   @freelotteriesuk

We all take a couple of minutes to ourselves during busy working days to relax and let the stresses of work wash away. What if during those quick breaks, you could actually earn some extra as well? There are a number of times throughout the day where you can earn some extra spending money by taking just a few simple steps - over breakfast, your lunch break, even on the comfort of your sofa. Here are six practical ideas.


When the alarm sounds but you’re not quite ready to leave the soft warmth of your bed, why not reach for your phone or tablet and fill out a quick survey through a company like Crowdology? Easy to use and the ability to cash out after you make just £4, you can earn yourself some pennies before the day has even started.


It’s cold outside and the car windscreen has frosted over. You have a few spare minutes while you wait for it to thaw. How about taking a few pictures of your driveway to upload to a site like Park on my Drive or Stashbee and make some money when you’re not even there?


Lunchtime. Whilst you kick back and relax in the staff room over a sandwich, take a moment to browse through your recent photos. Original images are in demand for use as stock shots - sell them simply on Dreamstime or Shutterstock. Nowadays people often want reportage-style, realistic images rather than posed, unoriginal ones - so you might be surprised which snaps could make you some money.


You’ve finally worked through that huge pile of paperwork your boss put on your desk this morning; you deserve a break. Grab a drink from the vending machine and take a quick look through your wallet or purse. Are there any old gift cards in there with a few months left on them? If you’re not likely to use them, someone else might. Sell them easily on sites like Zeek


Dinner is in the oven, music is on and you’re ready to unwind. If you’re opening a bottle of wine after a long day, do you throw the cork away or stash it somewhere? Maybe it’s time to start a collection? Did you know that people pay for corks, empty boxes - even old jam jars? Particularly around Christmas or in wedding season - it’s easy to save them at home and start listing your collections for sale on eBay.


Lights are nearly out but before you grab your toothbrush, why not have a quick rummage in your drawers for your old mobile which could be lurking there, gathering dust? Even if it’s broken and a few models old, you can still make some money from selling it for parts. Try Mazuma Mobile or fonebank.

That’s under an hour out of your day where you can make some extra money. So why not give it a go and make some cash so you can treat yourself to a little something after a long day’s hard work? 

Harry Hassall is head of marketing at Crowdology.