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Top tips for nailing your 2018 gym membership

Here, Shane Clifford of WonderBill offers his top tips on what should be considered when picking a gym membership in 2018.
By Editorial on Jan 31st, 2018   @freelotteriesuk

Due to the ‘New Year, New You’ spirit, we all get bombarded with wellbeing and health offers in January, the one month of the year when gyms are actually busy! As a result, gyms and spas push out new deals early in the year for eager new joiners.

This makes it increasingly difficult to decide what membership is best for you, and more importantly, where the best deal is! Luckily, Shane Clifford, from WonderBill - a bill management app – is on hand to offer his top tips on what should be considered when picking a gym membership in 2018.

Type of membership

Do you want to sign up for a whole year? Or would three months be better for you? Also consider options with flexible contract terms, such as monthly rolling. Don’t be afraid to ask for what you want. It may cost you a little extra in the first instance, but save you money overall.

No one wants to be a few months down the line, locked into paying a hefty monthly fee for a gym membership they aren’t using anymore. Don’t forget to look at tailored deals. Can you go in off-peak times, or do you not care about the pool access? You can often save money on ‘restricted’ types of memberships that work for your preferences.

Pick ‘n’ mix

It doesn’t have to be all or nothing with the gym. You may want to try new things such as boxing, yoga or cycling, without the long term commitment. There are providers such as Class Pass which allow you to pick and choose a variety of classes at different locations with just a monthly subscription fee. Another alternative is PayAsUGym, which offers great value day passes for gyms all across the UK.

No fear

If going whole hog and committing to a year contract, is it cheaper to pay up front or in cash? Could you get sign up fees taken away if you pay in full? It is definitely worth asking about what you can get in return for up-front payment. It could be a useful and rewarding way to spend any Christmas gift money you have burning a hole in your pocket!

Be responsible

Does the gym membership fit into your budget? Don’t forget to factor in your regular monthly household bills. When you are being bombarded with gym offers in January it can be easy to forget about your priority bills — gas, electricity, water, council tax, mortgage, rent — which can cause you financial mayhem. To avoid being caught-out, make sure you know what bills are coming out of your account and when, so you don’t miss any payments and avoid costly late-payment fees.

This article was provided by WonderBill.