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How to get your marriage proposal right on a budget

Here, Captured Proposals has compiled a few ideas that can help put a ring on it in style, without breaking your bank account.
By Editorial on Jan 27th, 2018   @freelotteriesuk

It can be difficult trying to decide when it’s the right time to get down on one knee, but being on a tight budget shouldn’t be the reason stopping you from being a proposal hero this year.

Here, Captured Proposals has compiled a few ideas that can help put a ring on it in style, without breaking your bank account.

Re-enact your first date

Although it may seem a little clichéd, it can be extremely romantic and idyllic to re-enact your first date before a proposal. This popular choice is perfect for a number of reasons, including being able to subtly reminisce on your journey as a couple and not breaking the bank (unless of course you rented a private yacht on your first date). 

Adventure proposal

If your partner isn’t the traditional romantic, why not share an experience to make your proposal truly memorable. With options such as sky-diving starting from £99 on gifting sites, you could truly ‘make the jump’ into the next chapter of your relationship and propose whilst you’re both on an adrenaline high.

Romantic picnic

Ok, so this one takes a bit of planning to achieve the element of surprise – if that’s what you’re looking for, but it’s cost-friendly and highly romantic. Leave your partner feeling starry-eyed when you return to a picnic basket after a stroll through a gorgeous local park or National Trust site.

We’d definitely recommend having someone else support you with this proposal, as you don’t want to return to a picnic blanket invaded by cheeky squirrels or a passer-by who thought help clear up.
Tip: don’t forget to check the weather forecast ahead of time, before dragging your partner out in the pouring rain (it’s not as sensual or intimate as the movies have lead us to believe).

Treasure hunt

Who said games are just for kids? We have planned some incredible proposals with notes that guide our un-expecting clients around collecting clues and exploring old memories as they hunt for ‘treasure’. This is a fun way to show that you’ve thought this proposal through and that you want to make it memorable. You’ll score a lot of brownie points as the game begins to unveil and all you’ll need to spend on this one is time (and perhaps a few fancy envelopes).

If you’re feeling sentimental, you could give your partner a symbolic ‘key’ to your heart instead of a ring, which you could purchase at a later date. For an alternative, you could be part of the proposal, incorporating an escape room or puzzle experience that you can enjoy with your partner, or share with friends and family.

Saturday night at the movies

Movie lovers need look no further than Leicester Square for a romantic setting to ask your partner to co-star in the rest of your life. We suggest scoring tickets to a blockbuster to give them a true red-carpet proposal. 

Top tip - Don’t splurge on the ring just yet

Despite there being a so-called ‘unwritten rule’ about spending three months wages on a ring, we’ve found this not to be the case. Before splurging on a diamond, it may be worth exploring the idea of semi-precious stones, such as amethyst, with your partner. You can either tie it in with your significant other’s favourite colour or use it as a ‘marry me’ ring, which you can replace at a later time when you have a larger disposable income. 

Honesty hour

If you’re with the right person, life is not about money or material items. You need to remember that you are asking for them to spend the rest of their life with you and that is truly special in its own way. Of course, you would like it to be impressive so that you can remember it for years to come (we can help with that). However, if they love you like you love them, offering to share your whole life with them should be plenty enough.

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