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Will this new energy company save you bags of cash vs the Big Six?

Money saving advice for cutting energy costs
By Editorial on Apr 19th, 2017   @freelotteriesuk

A new energy company that claims to be able to save consumers up to £169 against the Big Six by buying electricity in bundles, has launched in the UK.

Powershop UK – a franchise of the successful energy company which has operated in New Zealand and then Australia for almost a decade – lets customers monitor energy usage through its app and then buy bundles of electricity, called Powerpacks, based on what they need, rather than an estimation of what they might use.

And even more money can be saved by buying discounted Powerpacks – for example this saving could be as high as £169 in some areas of the country, such as the East Midlands. On average the price savings across the UK by switching to Powershop are £140 vs the Big Six, the organisation says. 

Powershop UK aims to revolutionise how the UK understands and buys electricity, cutting through confusing and expensive tariffs, and providing personalised electricity usage data to help consumers better manage energy usage and spend.

With Powershop UK, customers only buy the electricity they need based on how much they have used. The Powershop app allows customers to monitor their electricity usage with or without a smart meter and provides access to a range of discounted bundles of energy called Powerpacks, which they can buy according to which gives them the best deal - even storing them for times of heavier usage, such as in winter. 

Plans are already in place to launch a dual fuel offering by the end of the year.

Powershop UK aims to get consumers engaged with their energy and make electricity usage and how much can be saved more transparent. Because of the control and flexibility there are no surprise monthly bills that leave customers unsure whether they are in debit or credit.

David Winter, head of Powershop UK says, “The energy market in the UK is crying out for a change and a new way of understanding and buying electricity. Waiting for your monthly bill to see how much you’ve paid and whether it’s enough or too much is outdated.

'Powershop is that change and lets customers buy, track and control their electricity usage with no fixed term contract or termination fees to pay.'