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Changes you can make around the home to reduce heating bills

Money saving advice on reducing heating bills
By Editorial on Mar 10th, 2017   @freelotteriesuk

The sizeable costs of heating the home are strenuous on many ordinary families. Many people, in fact, struggle to keep their houses at a comfortable temperature during the colder months of the year because bills can be so high. Families may find themselves trapped between a rock and a hard place because of this; it is imperative to heat your home to survive, however, doing so can put you under immense financial pressure.

It is important, therefore, for homeowners to understand the ways they can conserve heat. A lot of the time, heat can escape through windows and doors, meaning the energy you are spending money on it is not being properly distributed around the home. Reducing heat loss can allow you to reduce you household bills by up to 44 per cent . Best of all, many of the ways a homeowner can do this are delightfully easy and refreshingly affordable.

Here are some of the ways it can be done:

Place reflective foil behind your radiator

A great deal of the heat lost in a home is from the back of your radiator. While the front-side directs the heat into whichever room the radiator is installed in, the heat emitted from the rear-side will just hit the wall. This is both a waste of heat and a waste of money. By putting some reflective foil behind the radiator, the heat will bounce back and be distributed around the room.

You can pick up some reflective foil for less than £10 on Wilko.

Ensure heat doesn’t escape under or around doors

Draughts can enter your home through the small cracks that separate a door from its frame. Of course, when this happens, the heat you are paying for in your home is far less effective. Closing these gaps with a compression seal allows you to ensure you are making the most of your energy. This way, not a penny will be wasted. Spaces between the door and the frame can be closed with a weather strip. These can be trimmed to the correct size for your door and keep the cold out and trap the heat in.

Weather strip frames are available from Leader Doors for just £16.99.

Invest in thick curtains to keep draughts out

Heat can escape through your home’s windows. The miniature cracks between the frame and the glass not only let small draughts in; they let some of your energy out. The best way to lock the heat in your home is to draw some thick curtains of an evening. While it is a good idea to keep them open of a day (sunlight naturally warms your home without the need for using energy) closing them of an evening ensures there is less heat loss. Up to 66 per cent of your energy can be saved by doing this.

The Natural Curtain Company has thermal curtains that can be made to order.