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How you can save money on elderly care

Money saving advice on saving cash for elderly care
By Editorial on Mar 8th, 2017   @freelotteriesuk

As the cost of care for the elderly rises, many have to go through the emotional heartbreak of selling their homes or dipping into their hard earned savings to pay for care or nursing homes.

The average cost of care is approximately £532 per week for residential care homes or £750 for a nursing home. This can add up over the years and only people with less than a certain amount of savings are eligible for help.

However, thanks to groundbreaking advances in technology, loved ones are able to manage their health and care needs and stay in their homes for longer. Products such as telmenow.com offer a range of features for people who need that extra help and support whilst also maintaining their independence.

The elderly often encounter a number of obstacles at home and should they be battling a condition or illness, it can prove difficult to do even the simplest of tasks. You may find that your loved one is forgetting to take their medication, switch off taps, leave the gas on or even wandering out of the home at unsuitable times during the day or night. Falls in the home can also be a serious risk for people when they're on their own.

As we can’t always be there for our nearest and dearest, here are some products that may help save money on care and give you extra peace of mind.

Monitoring systems

Monitoring systems are a discreet way to see how your loved one is managing; if they’re getting up at regular times throughout the day, if they’re going to the toilet, or if they are leaving the house when they shouldn’t be.

With the Canary Care System, if anything out of the ordinary happens you will receive a text message alerting you. This way, you can then easily check that they are okay. You can also monitor the temperature within their home to ensure that they're always comfortable.

The 3rings Plug can also give you a discreet way of checking your loved one is okay – simply plug a kettle, TV or almost any appliance into the 3rings Plug and set the free app to automatically check that your loved ones are OK – you will receive a notification either via the smartphone app, text message, automated voice call or email. This is a convenient way of checking they’re up and about and using common daily appliances.

Sensors for assistance

Do they sometimes forget to switch the gas off when they have finished cooking? There are sensors that will alert you when gas is detected, or if they are at risk of falls, there is a sensor that will let you know if they do fall over so that you can make sure they get the immediate help they need.

The Tynetec Reach Alarm Plus Unit also has a range of other user-friendly, discreet sensors designed to detect movement, carbon monoxide, temperature changes and much more. You can therefore be rest assured that you will always receive a notification if your loved one needs help.

Guarding against falls

Falls can not only cause harm physically but also mentally. It’s vital that homes are adjusted accordingly and obstacles are kept out of the way. Falls often happen in the middle of the night when trips to the bathroom or the kitchen are needed.

The Get Up In The Night Light Sensor is the ideal addition to hallways and landings as the bright LEDs light up when they sense any movement and stay on for 30 seconds after the motion has stopped. Simply position it on a skirting board to help avoid unnecessary injuries in the night.

New technology can be a significant benefit to older people and families to help maintain independence at home for as long as possible and give families peace of mind. Faced with paying bills up to a thousand pounds per week or a one-off few hundred pounds, which would you choose?