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Great tips to help you save on costs when moving house

Top money saving advice tips to help save cash and make moving home a breeze.
By Editorial on Mar 2nd, 2017   @freelotteriesuk

Did you know the average person will move at least eight times in their lifetime?

With removal costs typically averaging £600+, that’s a whopping £4,800 in moving costs alone.

With your deposit, legal and valuation fees, the costs quickly add up. So you want to try and cut down where possible, right

Money-saving expert at Magic Freebies UK, Collette Jones, has found some top tips to help save money and make moving home a breeze.

Purge before packing

Clutter will always be a problem when moving because you’ll be tempted to pack everything to avoid the frustration of sorting through your items.

This will cost more because not only will you have to pay to transport it all, but if you’re downsizing, you’ll also have to pay for storage.

Weeks before packing, make sure you dedicate some time to sort items into take, donate, sell or throw. This will help you have a better understanding of how many boxes you’ll need and what size vehicle you’ll hire.

Flog valuables on eBay or take them to a car boot and clear out as much as you can for a fresh start in your new home.

Plan to move on a weekday

This one is difficult because the majority of us will be working full time, but if you can find time to move during the week, definitely go for it. Removal van companies charge much less for a weekday slot than a weekend or bank holiday.

If you move on the weekend, you’re more likely to end up stuck in traffic which also costs more in fuel. Save yourself time and money and opt to move on a weekday.

Change address online before you move

It’s no secret that 0845 numbers and post redirection costs are ridiculously expensive, so plan ahead and change your details for you bank, utility companies, and any other important companies online to avoid any unwelcome bills popping up months later.

Don’t forget to cancel or redirect all your subscriptions, too.

Collect free moving boxes

Lots of independent businesses like liquor stores and grocery shops will be happy to donate free boxes if you ask nicely.

Bigger stores such as Homebase have a selection near the exit where people throw boxes and packaging away. Most of these are in near enough perfect condition and yours for the taking, so help yourself.

Sell or donate bigger pieces

Gumtree is great for flogging furniture, especially for a seller who doesn’t have to pay expensive shipping costs. The buyer comes and collects it straight from your home, which is perfect for saving room in your removal van.

If your furniture isn’t in great condition, give it a new lease of life and list it on free sites like Freecycle.org, and someone will come and collect it for free.

Ask for help

Packing and moving everything yourself is great, but it’s also exhausting! If you know anyone who can help, why not ask them to lend a hand? You might know someone with a van or who is willing to help you clean, which can save you lots of pennies. You know the old saying, you don’t ask, you don’t get!

Get creative with meal planning

We’re all guilty of wasting food every now and again, but throwing out all your food in a panic on the day you’re moving house is practically a crime!

Instead, make an inventory of all the food you have in your fridge/freezer and cupboards and create an inventive meal plan for the weeks running up to your move.

By making the most of the food you already have in your fridge, you will save so much money not eating out or ordering takeaways, and this will also help avoid any last-minute shopping trips to the supermarket.

Order a food shop to your new home

A final tip is to order a food shop online to your new home, scheduled for a few hours after you’ve arrived and unpacked.

It will save you a ton of money on your first couple of days and means you won’t be running to the store late at night, when you’re tired from all that unpacking!