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How to make a little extra spending money with minimal effort

Here's how to set aside a little more money every month through money saving advice.
By Editorial on Mar 1st, 2017   @freelotteriesuk

It’s great to have a little extra money set aside each month to treat friends, family or even yourself. A trip to the cinema, a double chocolate sundae or a special glossy magazine to enjoy at home are just the ticket to lift spirits in the winter gloom.

Rather than eating into your day too much, how about making some money in the time it takes to drink a cup of coffee? Here are four ways to make a little bit extra without spending a lot of your precious time doing it.

When was the last time you actually listened to All Saints or The Prodigy and even then, was it on your CD player? Times have changed and many of us have piles of CDs gathering dust at home. Have a sort through your shelves and select a few to sell. It’s quick and easy to do on sites like Music Magpie where you can get a quote instantly - you can expect to make around £1 a CD, depending on its popularity.

Offer up a service on Fiverr - whether it’s typing up a transcript, proofreading some writing or booking flights for a busy professional, you don’t need a special talent to start make money. You can sell a $5 dollar service and scale your charge up to much more for larger projects. Once you've signed up you can take 80% of all the money you make through the site.

Did you know the average woman gets through 400 pairs of shoes in a lifetime? Time for a quick clear out. Go through your wardrobe and put any complete pairs of shoes that you haven’t worn in 12 months to one side. If they’re in good condition, sell them on a site like eBay. Either name your price or start an online auction for 99p to encourage lots of bids.

Fill out simple surveys for cash - Crowdology offers surveys ranging from those that take just a couple of minutes to longer ones. They pay you in cash for your honest opinions and work with everyone from hair care brands to holiday companies to TV shows like Pointless. You can make between 40p to £10 or more for each survey and you can start withdrawing funds when your balance hits £4.

So stick the kettle on and make a start on your treat fund today.