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Energy saving tips: How to save money on bills this winter

Households could see energy bills take a staggering leap upwards this winter - but there could be savings of up to £450 in store thanks to these energy saving tips.
By Ben Lobel on Dec 8th, 2016   @freelotteriesuk

With the cold nights drawing in, many families across the UK are set to be feeling the pinch. The bitter weather means boilers are beginning to be fired up and lights are being switched on much earlier. So if you haven’t already, now would be a great time to start thinking about how to keep your home cosy and comfortable this season without breaking the bank.

We spoke to the energy efficiency experts at CHiL, who specialise in providing cost effective ways of heating homes and saving money, and they gave us some great advice about some of the new heating measures that’ll help keep your home warmer for longer.

 1) Use the sun to your advantage

Despite the plummeting temperatures outside, the sun's rays can still bring some sustainable heat into your home. This is free heat, which is a real rarity, so use it to your advantage! The more heat you’re bringing into your home, the less time your thermostat needs to run.

It’s also a good idea to strip down any tree branches around your windows, as this will allow you to maximise the exposure. Leave your curtains open during the daylight hours, especially at the south side of your house where you get direct sunlight - but remember to close them on a night to block out any cold drafts.

 2) Insulate your property

 It’s surprising to know about the vast amount of properties that don’t have all around insulation, or fail to have any protection from the elements!

Checking your building for insulation could be just about the best thing you’ve ever done.

Heat rises and, in a home that is not insulated, a quarter of that heat is lost through the roof. Simply insulate your attic or loft space to keep the warm air inside and to reduce your energy bills by up to £150 per year.

 3) Replace your boiler

The Energy Saving Trust estimates that heating is responsible for 60% of household energy bills, so having a more efficient boiler will make a sizeable difference to your bank balance. 

Depending on your gas bill, a more efficient condensing boiler could put an extra £200 to £300 in your pocket each year, so it’s definitely worth the investment.

4) Make the switch to LEDs

 When the days get shorter we turn our lights much earlier, which can results in much higher energy bills! Our recommendation? Make the switch to LEDs.

High-quality LED lighting can now be found in major retailers across the country and can save you big bucks when it comes to your expenses. Not only do they consume 80 percent less energy, and last 25 times longer than regular incandescent bulbs, but they’ve also been improved over the years to give off a soft, warm, ambient light.

So when you’re next shopping for lighting, remember LEDs are long-lasting, saving you money on replacement bulbs, and a welcome reduction in your electricity bills.

5) Turn down your thermostat

 The vast majority of people think they’re using their heating controls at home correctly. Yet did you know, that turning down your thermostat to 22 C instead of 21 C could add £75 to your annual heating bill?

It’s common for people to crank their thermostat up a notch when it’s colder outside, but by keeping your heating on a constant low heat, it would actually cost less than if you were switching it on and off in big blasts. This is where getting to understand your heating controls can really pay off.


This article is brought to you by Cosy Homes in Lancashire (CHiL), the go-to experts for all matters related to affordable warmth.