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About Us

FreeLotteries.co.uk was born in 2015 when four London folks got together and decided ordinary people across the land should have a chance at risk-free cash every day!

Scanning the horizon, we noticed a few other people doing the same thing, so decided to join them and here we are: Freelotteries.co.uk, a directory site for everyone doing fun things with daily cash prizes!

We're all about giving away cash for the price of the time it takes to click a button. For us, that's pretty fast. But also, we're giving cash to charities when our draw goes unclaimed.

The Team :

Henry : Marketing titan Henry has fingers in a few pies, but he found time in his outrageously congested schedule to help us get the word out. He is famous for the world’s first velcro tennis court and also his range of steam room dehumidifiers.

Ben : When not sourcing moneysaving advice, editorial goliath Ben spends most of his time reading Alfred Lord Tennyson poems and eating duck.

John : John is usually an ok guy and everyone tends to listen carefully and diligently to his ideas. He is all about the quest to get advertising folks onside. In his spare time he likes spare ribs.

Jo : Jo has worked tirelessly to build the site, apart from one time when she actually got tired. Aside from FreeLotteries.co.uk, Jo is a keen bugle player and amateur stonemason.